Baboon Management

Since August 2012, Human Wildlife Solutions has been the service provider to the City of Cape Town for their baboon management program on the Cape Peninsula. The aim of this project is to keep wild baboon troops out of town at least 90% of the time, in an effort to prevent human wildlife conflict.

Human Wildlife Solutions manage 11 baboon troops which range between Constantia and the Cape of Good Hope Reserve. We use a variety of aversive techniques to keep a line between baboons and humans, in an effort to prevent human-baboon conflict. This has been an exceptionally successful project, as HWS keeps baboon troops in natural areas on average 98% of the time (2012-2015 average).

We believe the success of this project is due to the expertise and insight of qualified and experienced staff, and taking each individual troop and their behaviours into account.

We proudly employ a team of 79 local South African staff, with a variety of experience and educational backgrounds, in order to meet the requirements of this tender.