GPS Tracking Collars

Wildlife GPS tracking collars allow wildlife managers and farmers to accurately monitor animal movements. These data inform management decisions on a multitude of levels, with overarching implications.  HWS recommends using GPS tracking collars to manage damage causing wildlife, especially in conjunction with the virtual fence.

HWS, and partners Sensorian, have developed a novel system of wildlife collars that compete with leading GPS technology.  HWS collars are tailor-made wildlife collars which gather and store GPS positions.  Our collars are low-powered and consequently the HWS GPS collar can transmit more data (up 10 times more than traditional GPS collars) and still have a long battery life (up to 2 years transmitting every 30 min).  The collar allows animals’ movements to be accurately monitored in real time. Adding collars to the system is inexpensive and the system becomes more cost-effective with each collar added. The collars are also refurbishable, meaning they can be re-used at a significantly reduced cost.

Data from the collars as well as geo-fence alerts can be managed and viewed on the Sensorian web-based platform. To get more information or to see a Sensorian demo click here.