Partners and Links

CapeNature is a public institution that is responsible for biodiversity conservation in the Western Cape. It is governed by the Western Cape Nature Conservation Board Act 15 of 1998 and mandated to: promote and ensure nature conservation; render services and provide facilities for research and training; and generate income.

Among its many roles, CapeNature provides the permits used by Human Wildlife Solutions for a variety of roles. Additionally, they work very closely with Human Wildlife Solutions in law enforcement surrounding baboon matters.

South African National Parks (SANParks) manages a system of parks which represents the indigenous fauna, flora, landscapes and associated cultural heritage of the country.

Within Cape Town, SANParks manages Table Mountain National Park, which is made up of several sections, separated by the urban hub of Cape Town and its surrounding suburbs. Human Wildlife Solutions works with SANParks throughout the Cape Peninsula on the Baboon Management Project.  

With a specialist Wildlife Unit, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA serves a critical role in responding to reports of displaced, injured and sick wildlife and investigating reports of cruelty to wild animals. Human Wildlife Solutions work very closely with the SPCA as part of the baboon management project, preventing and mitigating cruelty to baboons on the Cape Peninsula.  

The Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cape Town has a wealth of researchers investigating a wide array of topics, from insects to marine life. Knowledgeable and experienced researchers are often consulted for their expert advice on wildlife related issues throughout the Peninsula.    

The Primate Ecology and Genetics Group is a collection of both national, and international primatologists, who meet annually to discuss research, developments and other primate related matters, particularly in southern Africa. As an important role player in baboon related issues Human Wildlife Solutions is an active participant in the Primate Ecology and Genetics Group.    

Oceans Research specialises in investigating the biology and ecology of mega-fauna, including sharks, marine mammals and terrestrial carnivores. Human Wildlife Solutions have partnered with Oceans Research as part of their Shark Deterrent Research.

The Department of Zoology and Entomology is a research-oriented department within University of Pretoria with a strong focus on biodiversity, systematics and conservation of the southern African fauna. Human Wildlife Solutions is in collaboration with this department as part of their Shark Deterrent Research.  

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Donix is a small personalised business providing electronic solutions, industrial design and the project management functions required to bring great ideas to reality.

HWS has partnered with Donix to develop the HWS GPS collar system.

When it comes to collecting sensor data, Sensorian offers the complete solution.  Sensorian can collect, transmit, store and display data from a multitude of different device types.  Your data is delivered securely and accurately directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone.  Our software allows you to view your valuable data in customisable ways, set alerts and actuate devices.  Sensorian telemetry hardware is compatible with a large range of commercially available sensing devices such as soil probes, weather stations, tracking devices, utility meters and almost any imaginable measuring and electronic activation device.

HWS has partnered with Sensorian to develop the monitoring interface for the HWS GPS collar system.