Services Offered

Resolving Human Wildlife Conflict

We are specialists in resolving human wildlife conflicts, from baboons raiding town to livestock theft and preventing shark attacks. Our highly qualified team, with over 25 qualifications,  LED Dr. Phil Richardson, are able to accurately assess your situation, and synthesise unique, non-invasive and non-lethal methods to resolve problems. We pride ourselves on creating or implementing the latest technology in order to achieve our goal.


Damage Causing Animal Control

Damage causing animals, formerly known as problem animals (or vermin in some cases) create human-wildlife conflict. These conflicts can range from mega-fauna leaving national parks, to invasive birds and animals, predator conflict and baboon-human conflict. Human Wildlife Solutions are specialists in creating innovative, minimally invasive strategies to control damage causing animals, and as such preventing human-wildlife conflict.  We pride ourselves on using unique, sustainable and scientific solutions to manage baboons and other wildlife.
We pride ourselves on being the only company in the world who have found an effective management strategy to prevent human-baboon conflict.

GPS Tracking Collars

Wildlife tracking collars allow wildlife managers and farmers to accurately monitor animal movements. These data inform management decisions on a multitude of levels, with overarching implications. HWS have designed a novel system of wildlife collars that compete with leading GPS technology. These tailor-made wildlife collars gather and store GPS positions and upload them to a series of strategically placed stations over a wireless network.


Scientific Consultation

At the core of our team are Zoologists, Ecologists, Nature Conservationists, Environmental Managers and Researchers. We are hence able to, comment, advise and consult on all wildlife and conservation related films and documentaries.

In addition, Dr. Phil Richardson has over 20 years’ experience in wildlife film making and he is able to advise on the more technical aspects of creating expert wildlife documentaries.

Wildlife Management Plans

We are able to devise specific and custom wildlife management plans for reserves, farms and other rangelands. These plans are designed to optimize land productivity in the most sustainable manner, and are tailor made to meet your specific management needs. Plans can range in both time and space, from daily management decisions on small plots of land, to multi-year strategies spanning extensive range lands.

Environmental Management Plans

Events and projects often require environmental management plans to ensure that such practices are carried out in a sustainable and responsible manner. Human Wildlife Solutions are able to construct comprehensive management plans to ensure minimal impacts on our natural environment, and to see the project through from start to end, ensuring the plan is carried out.

Rangeland Surveys and Evaluations

Our team of skilled and experienced professionals are able to accurately document flora and fauna found in all of southern Africa’s environmental biomes. We are able to perform both ground and aerial surveys. These are often used in wildlife or environmental management plans, environmental impact assessments, or to simply inform owners of the diversity found around them.

Possible data:

  • Total species counts (flora and fauna)
  • Species richness, abundance and diversity
  • Species density
  • Carrying capacity for a range of animals
  • Relative proportion of aliens, invasives and indigenous species
  • Veld condition assessments

In addition to providing an accurate analyses of rangelands, we are able to inform on the best practice to improve land quality, which will increase species diversity and productivity of rangelands.

Invasive Species Consulting

HWS offers several services under the banner of Invasive Species Consulting

Invasive Species Declarations:

All landowners (particularly those who are selling their land) are now required to compile a declaration of the invasive species occurring on their land or deemed to be under their control (pet collections for example). Human Wildlife Solutions have a team of professionals who are able to compile such declarations (including submission to the relevant authorities and copies for both sellers and buyers). The scope of work covers everything from small urban erven, to large farms.

Invasive Species Management Plans:

Category 1a and 1b listed invasive species are not permitted to remain on a property and so must be removed or controlled. Larger properties will require management plans in order to guide the process of removal or control. Such plans prioritise which species must be dealt with and in what manner such that resources are conserved (for both the landowner and the environment).  

Invasive Species Removal and Control

Human Wildlife Solutions is able to offer invasive plant clearing and control treatments should property owners not have the capacity to carry out the recommendations within a given management plan. Some treatments for invasive species require skilled labour in order to be successful (for example, tree felling and/or herbicide application).

Invasive Species Permit Application:

Category 2 listed species may be kept in some instances where a permit is granted for the restricted activity. For example, Ring-necked Parakeets may be kept as caged birds under certain conditions. Human Wildlife Solutions have the capacity to compile and submit the necessary application for a permit to retain a Category 2 species. The scope of this work includes the previous example of a pet bird right up to agricultural applications (farming guava in the Eastern Cape, for example).

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